How to Trim Asparagus

Have you ever taken a bite of asparagus an thought to yourself, is this wood or asparagus? Not that I eat a lot of wood, but if I did, this is how I would describe it.  Anyhow, I have had woody asparagus on occasion and I can, without question, say that it is simply not to my liking. Fortunately, woody asparagus is easily avoided with three simple steps.

Bending the asparagus where it naturally breaks

Step 1: Bend one asparagus where it naturally breaks.

Snapping the asparagus

Step 2: Snap the asparagus.

trimming asparagus to equal lengths with a knife

Step 3: Cut the remaining asparagus spears off at the same point as the one that snapped apart and discard the ends.

There you have it!  Uniform, tender asparagus spears to be enjoyed in your favorite asparagus recipes.

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