Kristi in front of the Harbor Bridge
Sydney, Australia


Welcome to My Dad Butters His Bacon.  It is my pleasure to share my passion for food with you and I would like to thank you for visiting.  I am sure you are wondering if my dad really does butter his bacon. Thankfully, the answer is no, but I have heard the phrase come out of his mouth on occasion! Art Linkletter may argue with me, but I think that my dad says the darnedest things :)

About Me

Kristi at the Giza pyramids in Egypt
Cairo, Egypt

My name is Kristi and I am a full time accountant and a part time food blogger. I live in Calgary with my boyfriend husband who has a full time career in the oil and gas industry and a part time career as the official recipe connoisseur for My Dad Butters His Bacon. I encourage him to provide constructive criticism, however the only feedback that I receive from him is “this is delicious”, “wow, what did you put in this?”, “I love this dish”, “Mmmmm”, etc… My dad always told me that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and I think I can put a check mark beside that box!

Cooking and baking have always been a passion of mine and when not at the office, I can often be found dreaming of what I am going to prepare for dinner, researching a new recipe or planning a day of baking with my girlfriends. Travelling is also a passion and I take inspiration from any food adventures that I may have had at exotic locals around the world and try to incorporate those methods and flavours into my own kitchen. Some of my favorite foods have been tasted in Thailand, India and Egypt and I may put China into my most memorable category.

Kristi at the Taj Mahal in India
Agra, India

The food I make is simple, nutritious and hopefully delicious! I try to incorporate fresh, in-season ingredients into my cooking and baking whenever possible. However, growing up in a small town  in Saskatchewan (small equals 300 people) with limited access to what we used to call “fancy” ingredients (I did not know what an avocado was until I was 18 years old), I recognize that items such as fresh herbs may not be a possibility. Unless otherwise noted, substituting dried herbs for fresh herbs will work.


I welcome your comments to any of my posts. Welcome is perhaps an understatement as the first time I received a comment from a stranger (Mom, I appreciate your comments too!) I recall making at least half a dozen phone calls to announce that I had followers!  That said, any comment that is crude, profane, or otherwise inappropriate will be removed. Please do not say anything that you would not say in your mother’s home.

I am open to opportunities to partner with brands or products whose goals and vision align with mine. Any paid or sponsored post will be clearly identified as such. In all cases, opinions and product recommendations are my own.

If you would  like to use my photographs on your blog, please email me for permission or at least provide a link to the original post. I will  try to do the same for others.

Please feel free to contact me through my contact page if you have any questions.

Downtown Calgary
Downtown Calgary

Dress to kill – don’t cook that way